Kipprinnen dienen zum Sammeln und Ablegen der extrudierten Rohre

Tip Table / Roller Conveyor

Our tip tables are used for collecting and depositing of the extruded pipe

The tip tables or roller conveyors in our product portfolio fulfil a crucial function in the efficient handling of extruded pipes. Thanks to their precise design, they enable the targeted collection and controlled depositing of the produced pipes. These essential components ensure smooth material transport along the production line and help to optimise the manufacturing process. With reliability and precision in mind, our tip tables ensure that the extruded pipes can move on to the next processing step safely and effectively.

Type EKR

  • Application range single strand: 25 – 2500 mm
  • Application range single strand: 16 – 63 mm
  • Lengths up to 12 m
  • Line integration or internal tipping impulse
Kipprinne Typ EKR