Trennmaschinen Präzisionsschnitt mit höchster Reproduzierbarkeit

Cutting Machines

Precision cut with maximum reproducibility

Our range of cutting machines offers a wide selection of different types – from high-performance cutting machines with a central clamping system to cutting units that perform the cutting process using a saw blade or cutting knife.

Type ECM

  • Application range. 8 – 630 mm
  • Wall thickness: up to max. 90 mm
  • Central clamping system
  • Tools for cutting discs (rotating tools – no chips)
  • Tools for cutting knives and chamfer plates
  • Special models: High-Speed, Double Cut, Offline, Swarfless cutting of PVC pipes

Type ER-PS

  • Application range pipe: 10 – 63 mm
  • Application range profile: max. 340×20 mm
  • Wall thickness pipe: max. 9 / 15 mm
  • Tool: Cutting knife
  • Linear drive with servo motor

Type ER-SE

  • Application range pipe: 10 – 63 mm
  • Wall thickness: max. 5 mm
  • Tool: Cutting knife
  • Clamping bush inserts for different dimensions
  • Linear drive with servo motor