Kalibrierhülsen revolutionieren die Kunststoffrohrherstellung

Calibration sleeves

Our calibration sleeves are a revolution in plastic pipe production

Our calibration sleeves offer well-engineered solutions to optimize the production of plastic pipes and guarantee maximum reliability of production process.

You can choose between two models:

Conventional Calibration Sleeves for PO and PVC

  • Diameter: 4 – 2500 mm
  • Depending on type with/without pre-cooling, water film ring,
    made from stainless steel or red brass

Adjustable Calibration Sleeves for PO

  • Adjustable to all SDR classes, 2-point or 4-point adjustment

  • Diameter: 14 – 2500 mm

  • Special types for high line speeds up to diameter 63 mm

    Calibration sleeves for special compounds on request